Of course, the title of the website* – the end of mathematics – is exaggerated. It doesn’t mean that mathematics will vanish as a branch of science. The purpose of the title is to express a change in understanding the origin of mathematics. A bit like a paradigm shift.

It isn’t a new subject because the ancient Greek philosophers had already the opinion that mathematics is – in some way – the foundation of the universe (Pythagoreans). In 2007 Max Tegmark brought this idea to live again with his publication “The Mathematical Universe” (MUH).

The project “Beyond spacetime and quantum fields” describes a hypothesis about the mathematical structure of the universe. The hypothesis showed to be correct and this questions the theoretical structure of mathematics in relation to the "mathematical universe". 

In other words, this project is about the foundations of mathematics.

July 2017

*   The chapters are not publications but public working papers so the contents are not definitive.

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